Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Have an interview next Tuesday with Premier Christian Radio which looks like it will be interesting. I'm a bit nervous on two counts. Firstly, justifying my faith is never an easy thing and I always seem to lack words when it comes down to it.

Secondly, though, and it's what tripped me up at the last interview, is analysing their audience. It seems to me that I need to be an expert at working out who listens, when they listen, their gender, their faith, their race, how they vote and who they snuggle up to at night.

It is frightening at times to think that my listening patterns become a statistic. Yet, having spnt a term looking at media patterns, all I can say is that statistics are not all that they seem to be.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Still Looking ...

A busy few days have just passed and a busy few days to go ...

Had an interview on Thursday which was good but I am not sure I will get the gig as there was an internal candidate which meant that they would already know the area.

Other than that the job market seems pretty quiet.

Had Bro home this weekend which was very nice indeed.

And next weekend I have my Best Friend's wedding which should be a joy.

In the mean time I need to fill in some more job forms.

Or maybe have a nap...


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Time To Think

In my morning nose around the internet and investiation of what is going on out there I have come accross two stories.

Firstly: this. Google buying Youtube is a bit wierd. Ten years ago neither was really known. Now, one features in the dictionary and one is a crazy hit. Yet. there are moments where companies become too powerful. This may be one of them. I do fear what controls google and the rest have over me, just as I fear the size of Tescos. Is this an irrational fear of success or a genuine fear of market domination.

Secondly: this. The death of Paul Hunter is a bit of a shocker. He's only a few years older than me. Which is a tad frightening and quite sad. Young people, particularly healthy sports starts who were a joy to watch and quite a personality, are not meant to die. But sadly this one has.

Make it a good day,

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Relationships 2

Following on from my reflection on this morning's sermon ...

Well, my parents had a disagreement about the (broken) toilet seat in the downstairs toilets. This weekend was their thirty-sixth anniversary of their meeting. I thought it was going to be the last day of their knowing each other.

Which has made me think. I remember that a friend once said to me that she was concerned that my parents (and indeed my Brother and I) argued. I still think that arguments are important as they are the basis of discussion. We are often encouraged to be peaceful in Church and I'm just not sure that is always best. I'm not saying argument for arguments are good. Yet, discussion is important and our relationships depend on them.

So, whilst my parents discussing the toilet was not a joyous moment, I suppose it is healthy.


Saturday, October 07, 2006


Just been to church and a sermon on relationships. The main thread seemed to be that our relationships with eachother should be like those with God In other words, good, honest, loving and full hearted.

Sounds good but the reality is often a little more complicated. It always is. And the sermon did not make me feel any less alone. I know God is there all the time but at times he is a little more distant.

That said, he does act. There is some good news in my life in that I have an interview on Thursday with Wolf FM in Wolverhampton. This should be good and allow me to show my enthusiasm for the job in reality as opposed to on paper.

So let's hope that a relationship is set to start with the world of work!

Smiles this Sunday,

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm all ears ...

You know it's surprising what you hear at times.

No, I'm not talking about George Osborne calling Gordon Brown 'faintly autistic' which was a stupid thing to say.

Nor am I talking about the Pope not being more careful over how he phrased things - though when you read the entire text you realise how careful he was being. (Check out

And I'm not even talking about Tony Blair's speech to the Tory Party Conference - despite it being the best political speech I have heard in a long time.

No, I'm talking about
I mean, after a period where acknowledging that racist, homo-phobic, anti-women, discriminatory language was not allowed, why is it being allowed to return? Popular culture is allowing this to return. Though I enjoy the Chris Moyles show and he is a great broadcaster, aware of, reflective of and responsive to his audience, his show (by which I mean him AND his guests) should not be allowed to drive language in this direction.

Oh sugar. I'm sounding like an old man.

And that is something surprising to hear.

Have a good day,

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hugs and Prayers

OK. So it's Monday. And I'm bored and I have to admit a tad lonely.

I mean there are some days when you could do with a hug and a snuggle. Whilst Mother, God Bless her, is a good hugger, it would just be nice to have someone separate from the family for a hug. To wake up, turn over and doze off with them again in my arms. I miss regularly seeing people. Not that my parents are not wonderful. It's just not quite the same.

Sugar I'm turning into a softy. *Thinks Macho thoughts*

Though there is some hopeful news. I have just applied for a job at Premier Christian Radio and very much fancy this job. I feel that God is calling me in this direction and that I have a great deal to offer.

Anyway, Neighbours now calls and I need to know if the find Cameron ... some aspects of student life do die hard.

Love and prayers,