Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two dates: One Blog Entry

19th April 2006: The Task Ahead

You know, some days the job seems endless.

I mean, you look at the clock and realise that it's only five minutes since you last looked.

You then write the job list of what needs to be done and realise that there's so much you do not quite know where to start.

Then you realise that all this is reliant on other people. So it's all a bit hopeless.

04th July 2006: The Task Ahead

I started writing this a couple of months ago and ran out of time to write it. Suddenly I realise that it is as valid today as it was then.

I had these great plans to blog every day during the local elections. The fewhours sleep I did get over the four days was preferable to writing this drivel. Since then, the project was shortlisted and failed to win a prize.

Since the last entry, three months left on the course has turned to three weeks. The stresss levels remain about the same.

Since April, I have become more annoyed with Press Officers and Press managers. I am a member of the press. Can I not press manage my self?

Since you last read me, I have been away to Center Parcs and had a lovely time with the family bar my annual grumpiness.

Finally, since I last wrote I decided that I aught to do it a bit more regularly so as to keep you interested.

More soon,

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Day

I’m sitting at my desk on what is a cold and slightly chilly spring day looking back on the last week and what I was up to at the same point last year.

It’s been a mixed week.

Bro.’s house fell through at the very last moment; he was meant to complete on Thursday and the money was ready to be transferred when the current owners decided to pull out. Contractually, they can’t, so we’re looking at court action and a long-winded process.

I’ve also been working; I’m doing a placement at Marcher Radio Group as well as trying to prepare for my exam.s, write an essay, prepare for a TV project, plan for the local elections and other such stuff. I’ve been doing full shifts at the radio station. The team provides bulletins for three stations and material for a further two so it’s quite a big operation with only a few staff. I’ve done interviews, attended a Hillsborough memorial service (an interview from which went national) and (you will not believe this) a football press conference. Yep, me, talking about football … I felt very dim. All this has been challenging and interesting but at times I have been left feeling down. Firstly, as it is rather tough to get a job but also as the standards of journalism are not the highest: it’s overly reliant on Vox pops (what can the man on the street add that an expert can’t?), on re-writing press releases (when local news is better when investigation is involved) and poor English. I was told by one girl that ‘you would never say ‘going to’ but instead say ‘gonna’.’ She may have poor diction. I do not.

So, a mixed bag of a week. Yet, today’s Easter Sunday. The families together, I’ve been to church and watched a bit of the BBC’s service ‘He is Risen’ live from Spring Harvest (the Christian Festival in Minehead). It was remarkable. Not only because it featured the modern Hymn Writer, Tim Hughes who looks about twenty. But also as there were literally thousands of young Christians. It made me happy that despite any personal faith issues, there was this huge wave of faith about today. It reminded me of my own confirmation twelve month’s ago yesterday. It reminded me of the journey of faith I’m still trying to follow. It reminded me that the Christian Struggle is worth it.

Suddenly it’s not quite so cold and a bit sunnier outside.

Therefore, in faith and friendship, I say to you, may this joyful day bring you happiness and peace,


PS Photos from Daddy’s OBE day are now available on line at: