Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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And the latest headlines from CJG News Corporation …

CJG appointed to an International Role at Roehampton University

Same person looking for accommodation in London area

But young man looking forward to role with mixture of terror and excitement

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And those stories in depth …

CJG has been appointed to the role of ‘EU and International Bids Administrator’ at Roehampton University.

He’s getting used to explaining both the nature of his work and its location. And to explain all, our correspondent now joins us on the line:

PRESENTER: So what on earth does that job title mean?

CORRESPONDENT: Well, the job involves looking after a collection of cross-Europe masters degrees. Roehampton runs three degrees in conjunction with institutions across Europe under a scheme called ‘Erasmus Mundus.’ The role involves looking after admissions, student care and marketing. All very exciting, particularly as this will mean travelling to partner institutions abroad.

PRESENTER: But where on earth is Roehampton? Scotland?

CORRESPONDANT: Not quite … Roehampton is Southwest London. It’s in SW15 – that’s four postcodes across from Wimbledon in SW19, so CJG's hoping to pop along to Henman Hill.

PRESENTER: And there’s a University there?

CORRESPONDENT: Yes – and quite a new one. It started off as four separate, faith-based education colleges, became an HE institution, then part of Surrey University before becoming a University in its own right in 2004.

PRESENTER: Thanks for joining us.

So, this all means that CJG's off to London. Firstly staying with his Father in the apartment before finding his own place to share nearer to the University. Any tips or empty bedrooms gratefully received.

CJG was offered the job following an interview last Tuesday. Though not in journalism, he felt it was time to get into the real world. A journalism job has not been forthcoming which is a bit sad but that doesn’t mean that that he’s giving up on it forever. He has to admit to being a tad terrified [Paid money to do a job? These people must be mad] and excited as it is such an unusual and varied role.

In other news:

CJG has been co-opted onto the Governing Body of the Church in Wales, the equivalent of the ‘Synod’.

JMG is busy at Sainsbury’s Thetford as Stock Control and Warehouse Manager. The house saga continues …please read further bulletins for the latest.

Parents are busy doing interesting and cultural things and have been a great support with my sudden exodus south.

And the weather, after a cloudy period things are looking much sunnier.

More soon,