Thursday, July 26, 2007


“I want to tell you a secret but first I’m going to tell you why:
Because a secret is just a lie under a different name.

And I’ve lived a lie: I know the pain and the damage that can be caused from hiding the truth.

You see secrets are dangerous things even when you think you are doing it for the right reasons, to protect someone you care about.

Secrets can pull you apart and then you can never forget the look of disappointment, of betrayal in the eyes of someone you love. or the feeling that, no mater what the motive, the depth of that hurt never go away.

You don’t know the impact of a secret until it’s too late: how far the fall out will be, how many casualties there will be or even recognising how a secret can infect you: what you say, what you think, until it is almost too late.

Right up to the point where you ask ‘who am I?’


But that’s the thing about secrets … once out, they can change everything, just like that.”
From Hollyoaks, spoken by JP (Channel 4, Friday 20/07/07).


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