Friday, June 22, 2007


I have finished Andrews Marr's 'History of Modern Britain.' A gripping and intriguing programme, allowing some reflection on our Country since the war. Though there was no shocking revelations or new historical perspective, it analysed the country's situation well. Though Britain has changed in the last 50 years, he concluded that things were not better nor worse but simply different. As Marr concludes:

'It's been a strange journey, our long march out of post-war austerity towards today's swarming, material profusion.

For the last sixty years Britain has been on the from line of change:
From the Cold war to Thatcher's Revolution.
From de-industrialisation to online culture.

Britain has been transformed from the planet's most sprawling empire to an island that is now home to people from all over the world, the many-coloured heart of the global economy.

The History of Modern Britain, for all our increased wealth has been surprisingly turbulent; plenty of tight spots and loose living, political mistakes and embarrassments of all kinds.

Looking ahead, we world's islanders, as we have become, are more open and perhaps more vulnerable than ever before.

And yet, to be born British remains a fantastic stroke of luck.'

I could not agree more,


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