Saturday, September 30, 2006

Still alive ... Sort of ...

Hello there!

Yes I know it has been a while but I have been a little pre-occupied.

So what's been happening? I'm now finished on my Masters but am waiting for the results. I am applying for jobs and not getting any results.

Um. And that's about it. I miss having things to get up for in the morning and focus my day but am trying to turn job applications into a career.

Been to France for a week which was lovely. Stayed in a cottage and discussed buying it. They decided not to though the idea of a little bolt hole in France was nice ...

Went to the 'Last Night of The Proms ' in Hyde Park which was very good fun. Lots of people there (more than the 34 000 that the Beeb quoted).

I am getting better at filling in job application forms but have yet to come up with a good answer for the BBC's question 'describe your understanding of diverse communities' - not as straight forward as you would think. Define diverse communities ... crumbs, too long spent in academia, I fear.

I'm off to a wedding in a few weeks. My Best Friend is getting married to a wonderful Vicar-to-be. Service looks beautiful and they're allowing me to bully the congregation into seats.

Bro is still houseless and it is now going to court. Buying a house is a nightmare... It's going to take a year at least.

Anyway, I'm off to apply for a job at Premier Christian Radio which sounds really cool. I expected their output to be a bit too evangellical for me but it is really good with meaningful debates as well as engaging news. I really fancy this job.

Anyway, Hopes and Prayers,


PS I promise to show my love for the world and blog just that little more often.