Sunday, February 19, 2006

And you thought you would never have to read my poor grammar again ….

Hello! You’re not going to believe this but I am actually still breathing despite the attempts of examiners, tutors, friends, family and buses. Assessment for semester one, new modules (and work load) for semester two, weekends away with friends, family preparations ahead of OBE day and a car accident have all filled my hours. I have not forgotten about you, dear reader (sorry Austen-esq ue, I know), but a few things had to give. Since sleep had become an casualty so did the blog.

I take you back to the chilly days of early January. Imagine the frost, the chill wind and the sub-zero temperature. Not that hard, granted, since things are still like that and we have a top temperature of 3 degrees predicted for this week. Anyway, imagine best you can. Then picture a little boy sitting at a desk with heaps of books. There’s a strange muttering of ‘Defamation Act 1996’, ‘Contempt of Court Act 1981’, ‘Theft Act 1860’ and the such. Now see him in an exam room writing like mad in four law exams (for the University and Journalism Training Council) in three days. Now see him collapsed in a heap trying to decide if Andrew Gilligan was a hero or villain for an ethics essay. Focus on the rapid typing of tedious drivel saying he was a ‘hero’ as he tried to be a journalist but a ‘villain’ as his own procedures failed. With that, you can imagine my life in January.

Things, however, did have some highlights. A lovely trip to Oxford to see a friend which was spiritually uplifting. We went to a modern, charismatic church (St. Aldates in Oxford) where I saw, quite by chance, an old school/university friend. A very good weekend.

As was the time spent in Stratford. A group of friends went and saw ‘Great Expectations’ whilst staying at the Stratford Youth Hostel. ‘Great Expectations’ was not a ‘Great Adaptation’ and a tad of a ‘Great Disappointment.’ Lovely seats, just trying to shorten a novel to two and a half hours theatre is a bit tough. Who died at the start of the second half? How did Pip survive the boat disaster? Answers on a post-card, please. That said, seeing Warwick and some friends again was lovely.

Following that, it was back to Sheffield and back to work. The mountain of work has arrived and there are two Radio Packages and a TV Pitch to sort out before too long. As well as regular News days. And the occasional essay. A bit of singing. A tad of conducting (I’m now principle Conductor of the University Concert Band). And lots of reading. I’m loving the course and was asked by a potential student what were the bad things and I genuinely could not think of one bad my accommodation.

I am currently at home with the family. The Big Day is on 29th March. OBE day. We have all been suited and booted and you will soon see photos of us at the Palace. I have a very nice Pin-stripe suit for the event and look rather good, even if I do say so myself. We are planning a full day of celebrations, Palace in the Morning, tea (at the Dorchester?) followed by dinner at the Club. Alcohol may be consumed in the form of champagne. At regular intervals. All day. Daddy was in the nationals as well as articles on most of the locals. It’s been great.

The other reason I am at home is that I’m having the car repaired. On a visit to York, a bus and I were over intimate. My fault … I snuggled up to a bus just a tad too much. The cost - £395 in repairs and a seriously embarrassed (though unhurt) Christopher. I’m now looking for a job to help pay? Any offers?

I plan to use this blog a bit differently from here on in. Shorter, more frequent with a tad more news as well. Well, hopefully.

At the same time as my life has been hectic so has the world been changing (apologies to Keane) but more of this at some other juncture. For now, be happy God Bless and loads of love.