Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two dates: One Blog Entry

19th April 2006: The Task Ahead

You know, some days the job seems endless.

I mean, you look at the clock and realise that it's only five minutes since you last looked.

You then write the job list of what needs to be done and realise that there's so much you do not quite know where to start.

Then you realise that all this is reliant on other people. So it's all a bit hopeless.

04th July 2006: The Task Ahead

I started writing this a couple of months ago and ran out of time to write it. Suddenly I realise that it is as valid today as it was then.

I had these great plans to blog every day during the local elections. The fewhours sleep I did get over the four days was preferable to writing this drivel. Since then, the project was shortlisted and failed to win a prize.

Since the last entry, three months left on the course has turned to three weeks. The stresss levels remain about the same.

Since April, I have become more annoyed with Press Officers and Press managers. I am a member of the press. Can I not press manage my self?

Since you last read me, I have been away to Center Parcs and had a lovely time with the family bar my annual grumpiness.

Finally, since I last wrote I decided that I aught to do it a bit more regularly so as to keep you interested.

More soon,


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