Thursday, December 22, 2005

Oops I did it again!

OK, so once again it has been far too long between entries on my blog. Sincere apologies.

This is but a short entry as I have planned to make two major entries over the next few weeks. I plan to publish two more reflective entries one for Christmas (focusing on more spiritual things) and a second for New Year (looking both forward and back. Granted all of this could go out the window but that is the aim.

Currently I am at home following the completion of my first term at Sheffield. Loads of work, loads of journalism and loads of fun. I am so very lucky. The last week included four concerts, two portfolios of articles to sort, ethics research, law preparation and a TV news day. All of this went very well meant resulted in sleep deprivation!!

Since being at home I have helped Mother with Christmas Preparations as well as finally writing my own Christmas cards. I also went to a Civil Partnership Ceremony which was very moving. It was moving and I was very pleased for them both.

I do hope that you are well and that your preparations for Christmas are going swimmingly.



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