Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hello from Bury!!

Well, hello dear Blog readers. I am just typing this from my Brother’s flat in Bury St. Edwards. The wonders of the Internet means that you cannot even escape me when I am miles away. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to know despite the rain and the alcohol, I made it into university for 9am following my 3.30am return! It was a beautiful sunrise …

I’m about to pop off to the Cathedral with its new tower for evensong which should be interesting. One of the Millenium projects that may well be here in another thousand years. Hope for a new generation, it is called.

Following my Blog earlier this week, the news of bird ‘flu in the UK is worrying and I’m sure the Daily Mail will induce panic but one case in quarantine is a long way from an epidemic.

But I leave you with a joke from a friend of mine:

Q: Who was the most successful businessman of all times?
A: Noah … because his company went into flotation whilst all the others went into liquidation.

Apologies and Love,


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