Monday, September 26, 2005

My Crumbs .... not another entry!

Well, I have this rather odd little two hour break between the terrors of law (learn 5 chapters for next week, National exams are first week in January) and the fears of how to use a mini-disk properly (easier but technology rather old-fashioned compared to what I have used). First assignment is to do a collection of Vox Pops for Friday. Well nothing like jumping straight in. The innitial lectures seem slightly intimidating and it really feels like doing a three year undergraduate degree in just one year. Within 5 weeks we are meant to have sorted the technology out and this is normally three month's work for the under grad's!! I swing from really enjoying all of this to a feeling of being out of my depth, something which I do not like at all. It just seems at times that I should not be here! I am sure this will pass and everything will seem much more manageable when I have to actually 'do it'.

I suppose the surprise of the last few days has been getting used to being alone. There is still no-one in the flat with me. Has the word got out about my smell already?!! Met up with Tim again today and got nicely merry over a few pints. Also helped me feel warmer as the heating in the flat is not working and it is a little chilly up here in the cold north!!

It has given me a great deal of time to think which is never a good thing. Apparently I say sorry too much and for things that are not always my fault. I talked to a mate from work, a close friend and former housemate Zoe about this. Their conclusions are remarkabkly consistant that last term I did go somewhat off the rails but it was not altogether my fault. So, I unconditionally appologise for my errors but have also come to appreciate that life is not straight forward and it I cannot accept full responsability for all that goes wrong.

So, from here on in, it is a case of working my little derrière off and be positive.

Assertive Christopher signing off,


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