Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hello and Welcome!

Firstly, congratulations, you made it across the internet and have found this page. It's a long, dangerous journey, I know, so thank you for your efforts.

So, this is the start of my new blog. Having blogged in various places whilst at Warwick, I decided it was time to tidy things up and set up a fixed home for my online scrawling. The aim of the blog is to keep some sort of record of what is happening in my life, tell other people what is happening in my life and share my take on the world with anyone who can put up with my poor grammar.

I leave at 10am tomorrow for Sheffield and my MA in Broadcast journalism. As with any big change, I am both excited and terrified. I am looking forward to actually starting on the path to a career in journalism and the prospect of earning some money for it is not too far away. However, getting used to a new university, city, set of course-mates and housemates makes me a bit nervous, to say the least.

It has been a good summer with the transition between Warwick and the rest of my life now well underway!! Normally, the summer is considered the 'silly season' for journalists. This year it has been anything but silly. Our TV screens, radio waves and internet pages have been dominated by major news stories which have lead to debates where our society is going and a great sense of a 'global' community developing. Live 8, G8, the London Olympic bid, the London bombings, the anniversary of the attacks on Japan, the IRA agreement to give up arms, the death of Brother Roger of Taizé, Hurricane Katrina and much more has taken place in just a few weeks. All of us have been affected by some or all of these to some extent.

So, as you read this, I hope you are safe, happy and all the changes in your life as well as the world around you is going smoothly.

Take care,


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