Friday, September 23, 2005

Soaked in Sheffield

Well, I've made it and the only injury so far is a slightly bloody thumb from an incident with a hammer. Can (hopefully) cope with Postgraduate study but the complexities of putting up a hook to hang up my dressing gown is a bit much!!

Registration seems to have taken three days and is only now fully completed. I have a rather neat, sky-blue U-card in my wallet. The introductory meetings went well. There are 19 of us and they all seem to be really nice and friendly. We went for a quick liquid refreshement after the meeting which lasted about three hours. The course basically has me working 10-5 four days a week plus loads of personal study thrown in - about ten hours for each of the four modules .... I sense some late nights coming up!! The course is exactly what I dreamed it would be with loads of practical stuff going on. Next week - how to use a mini-disk and digital editing software.

Met up with Tim (from Warwick) and had a really good gossip. I am somewhat jealous of his travels - the photo.s must be amazing. Actually, quite good to see another human being! The halls are OK, if a little lonely as I am the only one in the flat at present. I am off to give the bathroom and fridges a good scrub; the last in habitants were less concerned with strange orange growths than me!! My room is lovely (photos to follow shortly) and I can have my desk in a nice L-shape. BT is being a bit of a pain when it comes to connecting the 'phone but I will read them the riot act shortly.

So off I go, marigolds in hand up several (rather steep) hills back to my room. In the rain. But it's Yorkshire so what was I expecting!

Love to all,


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