Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Time To Think

In my morning nose around the internet and investiation of what is going on out there I have come accross two stories.

Firstly: this. Google buying Youtube is a bit wierd. Ten years ago neither was really known. Now, one features in the dictionary and one is a crazy hit. Yet. there are moments where companies become too powerful. This may be one of them. I do fear what controls google and the rest have over me, just as I fear the size of Tescos. Is this an irrational fear of success or a genuine fear of market domination.

Secondly: this. The death of Paul Hunter is a bit of a shocker. He's only a few years older than me. Which is a tad frightening and quite sad. Young people, particularly healthy sports starts who were a joy to watch and quite a personality, are not meant to die. But sadly this one has.

Make it a good day,


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