Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Just had a call from the BBC ...

They called me to tell me that I had not got the job of Assistant Producer at Songs of Praise.

I thought, well, really, the normal e-mail would have done.

However, said the nice lady (and I was soon to learn how nice) at BBC recruitment, the Executive Producer Hugh Faupel was interested in my ideas and would like to have a chat. She said that this was highly unusual (and, on further investigation, never heard of) and gave me his details.

I've left a message and am waiting for the call back ... here's hoping.

Songs of Praise would be marvelous as a job. More people watch it than actually attend church. There is also a certain freedom to the programme in that there is no fixed format. There is also room within the programme to explore peoples' stories which I think are wonderful and under used on T.V.

Your prayers would be appreciated,


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