Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Graduand Writes ...

I leave in a few moments for graduation and a night away. I await the moment where I change from a Masters Graduand to a Postgraduate in the literal sense of the term. Plans have rather changed so that Bro and I can spend some time in Sheffield together.

I plan to get to Sheffield in time for evensong at the Cathedral to have a short while to give thanks for everything that has happened in the city for me. Then I will meet up with a good friend from the course who has flown over from Greece for graduation before retiring to the Devonshire Cat pub to sample some beer for one last time. Bro and I plan to re-live a little of the student life!

Then tomorrow the whole event starts. I'm sure I'll bore you with the details of the ceremony and subsequent drinks 'do' with photos published both on the Live Space and on http://christophergrinbergs6406.fotopic.net/.

Let it just be said this: I am looking forward to this more than my first graduation; of course, there is a fear that some juicy gossip will be revealed about my life to my parents from my friends (God alone knows what - my life is not that interesting) but that always exists when two parts of your life meet! I feel this is a conclusion and celebration rather than a tearing a part, as it was at Warwick. It feels like it will be a wonderful day. Despite the weather!

So, with much joy and excitement, I hope you are all doing well,


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